The Importance of Recycling

One topic that continues to be at the top of everyone’s conversation list is recycling. There has been no shortage of ideas or approaches on how to deal with all of the world’s waste. Recycling came about as a way to cut down on the amount of waste going into our landfills every day. An entire culture was born around the idea of recycling, and it continues to grow today. Waste management companies, like A1 Valet Trash are also keenly aware of the importance of sorting waste and recycling at the source so that it can make the journey to where it needs to go to start its next life. Let’s look at the importance of recycling and why we should all engage in recycling more often.

Reduce Manufacturing

When people embrace the notion of sending their used goods out to the world to be used by someone else, it helps reduce the amount of new materials that need to be created to service the demands of the market. For example, if every little boy and girl who had a bike right now decided to pass their bikes onto another little boy or girl when they outgrew those bikes, then the bike industry wouldn’t need to make as many new bikes. Eventually, new bikes would need to be purchased, but the life of a good bike could see 3-4 owners before a new one would need to be introduced into the mix. We’re not saying let’s shut down the bike industry, we’re just advocated for reducing, reusing and recycling.

Reuse Old Things

When you work with a company like A1 Valet Trash, we come right to your door every evening from Sunday to Thursday to perform door side trash collection and door side recycling collection. By identifying what materials can go to the landfill and what materials can go to the recycling depot, you are doing your part to keep garbage out of the landfills. Glass bottles for example, which can be recycled quite easily, can be turned into new glass bottles and reused again for things like spaghetti sauce or soups. What’s more, you can even go one step further and decide to hang on to your glass bottles and use them for leftover meals in your own apartment or multi-family complex. But should you decide to recycle them properly, you can rest easy knowing that your recycling will make its way to the proper receptacles to start its next life as something else.

Recycling Works

A1 Valet Trash works in the Atlanta, GA area, and services surrounding areas as well. Working hard to provide a convenient and reliable recycling and waste collection service that goes door-to-door, A1 Valet Trash can attest to the difference being made by sorting our trash and our recycling and ensuring that each finds its way to the proper receptacles. By keeping recyclable materials out of the landfills, A1 Valet Trash can help Atlanta, and surrounding areas provide the raw materials to recycling plants to ensure those materials go on to be used as something else or made into something else.